Bring balance back into your life, become less affected by stress and connect to your mind, body and spirit.

Welcome to the Mindful Place, we are a husband and wife team, Peter and Antonella Carlini sharing a vision to live in a world where people experience personal wellness and wholeness by connection to their mind, body and spirit. Using a unique and unconventional approach we blend western techniques with eastern philosophies to assist you on your personal healing journey. 


Our aim is to offer you physical and mental relaxation as well as useful techniques using Holistic Counselling, Meditation, Kinesiology, Energy Health techniques and much more. 

We help our clients in the following areas:

Stress management

Meaning and Purpose

Career Direction 


Meditation/ Mindfulness/ Relaxation techniques

Connection to Self 


Pursit of happiness 

Metaphysical Body Evaluation  

Codependency and low self-esteem 

Anxiety and depression 

Chronic pain 

Lack of motivation and drive

If you would like to connect to your mind, body and spirit so you can live a life of personal wellness and wholeness

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