holistic counselling

To consider you as a whole person through mind, body and spirit means that we treat you holistically. Our holistic counselling goals here at the Mindful Place are to assist you in bringing balance back into your whole life, to become less affected by stress and to ensure that you are in touch with your personal needs on a holistic level. 


With a focus on mindfulness we aim to educate and promote self-responsibility by recognising, valuing and building on your individuality to gain a clearer understanding of your personal situations and to develop strategies for making positive and self-governed changes in your life. 

Using an integrated approach we incorporate a combination of unconventional modalities and techniques with focus on your unique needs. Antonella guides you into a deeper understanding and connection to self with the use of Kinesiology and Energy Health techniques and Meditative practices as an integrative approach to your holistic counselling sessions. Peter offers guidance and a way forward using Holistic Counselling with Astrological and Numerological insight to delve into the greater meaning and context of your journey.  

We understand that everyone is on their own journey and we need different guidance at different stages of that journey. For this reason we have designed our discovery sessions to get to know you so we can customise your Holistic Counselling session around your specific needs.

If you are ready to let go, move forward, develop lifelong skills and take control of your life, book your session with us today!

Fee: 1hr - $120 AUD

We are in this together,
please enjoy a 20% discount on all our services to assist in adjusting to the new economic climate.


Bring balance back into your life

Become less affected by stress

Recognise, value and build your own individuality 


What is the difference between traditional Counselling, Psychotherapy and Holistic Counselling?

Holistic counselling while similar to traditional counselling and psychotherapy uses a different approach to more mainstream counselling styles. Traditional counselling assists clients by giving advice and helping them to clarify issues. Psychotherapy is used when clients require guidance in uncovering, transforming or releasing emotional blockages. In Holistic Counselling the WHOLE PERSON is considered through mind, body, spirit and emotion. When you choose to work with a Holistic Counsellor you will be assisted in bringing balance into your whole life and to become in touch with your own needs on a holistic level. 

Who typically benefits from having a Holistic Counselling session at the Mindful Place?

Our goal at the Mindful Place is to educate and promote self-responsibility and to work with people who understand that they are responsible for their life and the positive changes they want to make. While we value and recognise past experiences that have contributed to your current circumstances, we want to work with you if you are ready to let go of the past and move forward so we can help you to develop lifelong skills that empower you to take control of your own life. We understand the frustration a lot of people feel from having tried many conventional approaches to their health and wellbeing, with an extensive array of research making connections between the mind and the body we often work with people who are searching for deeper meaning in their life and who want guidance holistically. 

How can you help me?

We help our clients in the following areas:

  • Stress management

  • Meaning and Purpose

  • Career Direction 

  • Spirituality 

  • Meditation/ Mindfulness/ Relaxation techniques

  • Connection to Self 

  • Self-love

  • Pursit of happiness 

  • Metaphysical Body Evaluation  

  • Codependency and low self-esteem 

  • Anxiety and depression 

  • Chronic pain 

  • Lack of motivation and drive

What do you mean by an integrated approach?

Integrated simply means that we combine the various modalities offered at the Mindful Place to create a Holistic Counselling session. Our services include, Holistic Counselling, Kinesiology and Enerygy Health techniques, Astrology and Meditation, we believe all our services are of benefit in their own way and when integrated together creates a Holistic Counselling session designed for people working towards a common goal of personal wellness and wholeness. 

How many Holistic Counselling sessions do you typically recommend?

We believe in creating nurturing relationships that stimulate and maintain wellness, with that in mind we work around your specific needs. Depending on what outcome you would like to achieve we allow for a natural flow of energy and book in sessions as you require them. 

Can I use Holistic Counselling sessions and techniques inconjunction with the advice from my medical proffessional?  

Yes. Our Holistic Counselling sessions work best when integrated into your lifestyle and with any health advice given from your medical professional. We do recommend you speaking with your medical proffessional if in doubt or prior to incorportaing or changing any lifestyle choices to ensure your health and safety. 

Are your techniques evidence based?

At the Mindful Place we are industry accredited and provide our clients with a grounded, non-sectarian and professional experience. Our approach is evidence based with reference to scientific research, incorporating a variety of techniques and styles. The tools we use and the way in which we use them are based on the numerous studies conducted showing that a holistic approach is essential to health and wellness. 


We DO NOT believe you can simply ‘think yourself’ better and do not advocate this kind of approach. The various techniques we use are all based on our mission to assist our clients to think more deeply about their life and their circumstances. We draw upon the work of Dr Wayne Jonas explaining through case studies and rigorous scientific research that only 20 percent of an individual's healing comes from medicine or surgery with 80 per cent depending on other factors such as the physical environment, lifestyle, personal values, relationships as well as spiritual and mental elements. 


I am currently taking medication should I stop?

No. The Mindful Place does not provide or substitute in any way, medical, psychological, proffessional, finacial or legal advice. For all medical concerns we recommend that you speak directly to your medical professional, and work in accordance with their advice. 

Will you cure/heal my condition and/or solve my current problem/ situation/ challenge?

No. At the Mindful Place we aim to educate and promote self-responsibility to assist you in bringing balance back into your life and to assist you in recognising, valuing and building on your individuality to gain a clearer understanding of your personal situations so you can develop strategies for making positive and self-governed changes in your life. 

Why do you use Astrology and how can it help me?

We understand that the use of Astrology within a Holistic Counselling session is unorthodox and unconventional; however we strongly believe it is a powerful and useful tool in a persons quest to mind, body and spirit connection. Mainstream media has categorised Astrology into 12 zodiacs which the general population is led to believe is 100% who they are. This leads to misinformation and confusion when you come accross another person of the same Zodiac and find you are completely different to eachother. Astrology is much more than that, it is essentially a blueprint or guide to understanding yourself so that you can live a life of purpose and meaning. Many Eastern philosophies, such as Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine use Astrology in treating patients as part of their health plan, this is because they recognise human beings as part of an interconnected, universal energy field. In addition we strongly believe that Astrology is a modality which requires extensive training to interpert and understand, so any interpretation that is given to the client is professional, mindful, unbiased, non-judgemental and ethical. Peter has undergone extensive training to read Astrology charts and always approaches the use of these readings in accordance with our core values


Is Astrology evidence based?

While Astrology is not widely accepted in western culture as a tool for creating health and wellness, it has been used for thousdands of years by Eastern philosophies, such as Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine as a source of guidance. Ayurvedic hospitals in India provide patients with astrology readings as an instrinc part of their treatment. The theory behind this concept is that patients will benefit from the astrological insight even if it is only psychologically driven to assist the paitent in finding meaning in their life. Our role at the Mindful Place is not to tell our clients what to believe or how to live but rather to assist them by presenting a variety of tools that allow them to learn how to use the power of their mind and their faith to find deeper meaning in their life. 

I have never experienced Astrology before, does it need to be included in my Holistic Counselling session?

No. We are all different and have our own preferred way to connect to mind, body and spirit, you do not need to include Astrology as part of your Holistic Counselling session. Please advise us during your discovery session of your preference. 

What do you mean by Kinesiology techniques?

Kinesiology uses muscle testing as well as a variety of techniques to balance a clients energy and to reinstate the integrity of the muscle being tested. Kinesiology works within a paradigm called the Triangle of Health consisting of our physical, psychological and biochemical bodies; when a muscle is tested the body gives feedback as to where current stress and imbalance is located in the energy system. Once the imbalance is identified the Kinesiologist may use any of the following techniques to restore balance or defuse stress depending on the feedback from the muscle test.

  • Activation or relaxation of energy highways within the body known as meridians by tracing, tapping or flushing.

  • Defusing past, present or future stress by a technique called Emotional Stress Release.

  • Stimulation of acupressure points with gentle massage, tapping or holding.

  • Supply energy to Lymphatic system with the use of Neurolymphatic massage.

  • Stimulate blood flow to organs, glands and muscles by holding points known as Neurovascular holding points.

  • Use of colour and sound for imbalances.

  • Identifying and clearing sabotage patterns. 

  • Crystals.

  • Flower and vibrational essences.

  • Brain integration exercise known as Cross Crawl.

  • Massaging and activating points for vision and hearing.

  • Sedating over-energised muscles.

  • Exploring the metaphorical meaning behind particular muscle responses.

  • And many more techniques.  

What do you mean by Energy Health techniques?


Energy Health here at the Mindful Place weaves together the mind, body and spirit. We work with the subtle energy (the energy bodies) co-existing with your physical body to understand and calibrate the frequency of your vibration. How our body functions and how we function consciously and subconsciously is closely linked with the frequency of our vibration. During our sessions we harness the powers of crystals and the subtle bodies to stimulate positive balance and wellness. Looking after ourselves holistically allows improved bodily function and correction if required. 

Are you psychics, shamans, fortune tellers, mediums, mind readers, etc...?

No. We are not considered the typical Psychics or anything of that nature, although we respect people who are gifted in these ways. However our approach is very intuitive to help us guide you in improving your lifestyle. The tools we use are designed to help you connect to your mind, body and spirit, often a benefit of this gained connection is increased awareness and intuition.


Intuition is also a skill many leaders in the world use along with their logical and methodical skills to make difficult desicions and formulate a thorough approach. Developing your intuition is a life skill that will be of great benefit and use when paired with other logically developed skills. 


I first discovered Antonella through Instagram because I instantly loved the feeling of authenticity, heartfelt care and dedication to connection that The Mindful Place cultivated through their messages on social media. When I was blessed to meet her in person for a kinesiology session, it was so evident she is an enormously gifted practitioner who imparts her knowledge and expertise with care, encouragement, warmth and intuition – a natural healer. Undoubtedly, that initial session and my ongoing visits awakened shifts in my physical and energetic body that I am sure would have been difficult, if not impossible for me to access before, or through other modalities. Not only did Antonella assist me with a severe hip pain I had been unable to resolve, she also brought me to a grounding, centring and self-empowerment I could take away into my every-day life. I cannot recommend The Mindful Place highly or heartily enough and I believe in their potential for each of us through their multi-faceted mindfulness and healing offerings.