How to improve your lifestyle using your Sun-sign

Updated: Aug 14

Whether we believe in Astrology or not, we all are aware of our Sun-signs and in some way correlate with the corresponding traits. However these so called “Sun-signs” can do much more for us than just describe our personality or even label us in anyway. They can teach us how to live a more fulfilling life with less stress and more happiness. In this blog we will look into how we can make the most of our sun-signs so that we can live more and stress less.

Before we look into discussing how to use our sun-sign, lets look at its definition from the "mind, body and spirit" perspective. The Sun is defined as the “life force” and “drive” within us as well as our inner personality. When it is working positively, we are happy and look forward to living life. When it does not work well, we are depressed and feel like the spark has gone out. This shapes how well we portray ourselves to others and the results we accomplish in everything we do. These results then dictate the measurement of our self-esteem and confidence. This measurement can then either make things better (we gain more confidence) or worse

(we lose more confidence).

For example, think of a time when everything was running right in your life – You were happy and had a bounce to you, almost as though you could talk to the barista effortlessly while ordering your coffee. You were looking forward to doing whatever it was you were doing and things were great. Likewise when things were not great, you felt like not speaking to anyone as it felt like an effort and would prefer just to order your coffee and go. And if you were in a job you were not satisfied with, you were dying to clock-off and escape the workplace.

According to Medical Astrology, the Sun in our Natal chart mainly rules our conscious awareness and heart function. The heart in our body distributes our life-force (our blood) to keep our bodies alive and healthy, which is no different to the Sun keeping life on earth alive and healthy. Our food which feeds us and keeps us alive derives from the Sun as the process of photosynthesis is required for plants to thrive. Our conscious awareness dictates how well we perceive ourselves and the functioning of cognitive processes (such as listening, decision making and any other thinking process). When either of these areas of our life are failing, (either we may have heart problems or feel not bothered or happy enough to live another day) we need to question the driving force behind us – our Sun Sign.

The meaning of the term “Sign” in “Sun-Sign”

After defining what our Sun represents, what does the term “sign” mean? The sign represents how we live out or execute our Sun-sign. The symbolism behind the sign itself gives us a clue behind what we need to do to connect to our Sun energy so that we can live fully. Since there are 12 ways to do this (as there are 12 signs) it is only a rough estimate. To fully understand your Sun-sign, you would need to look into your Natal chart which is another topic for another day.

Important Fact! - Our Sun-sign is only a fraction of our overall Astrological make up so it cannot define us comepletely on it's own, meaning an Aries Sun Sign does not make one 100% Aries.

How to connect with your Sun-Sign and enable it to work for you

Now that we have an understanding of what our sun-sign is and how it can help us, we can experiment with our own. Follow the steps in Figure 1 to see if you are in tune with your sun-sign and if you are not, give these steps ago.

The steps to making it happen:

Figure - 1

Figure - 2

Where to from here?

In this article, we only covered one part of our Sun which is the sign it is placed in. To know more about its functioning, we would need to look into the house placement, aspects from other planets, dignity and debility and more. This would require an astrology consultation which we provide at The Mindful Place.

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