If you care about children, take really good care of mothers...

Mum, you’re really doing a great job, we know how hard you’re working and we know parenting isn’t always easy! Taking into consideration the year the world has had and the many challenges we’ve all had to face; not to mention for those mammas into a little astrology, we’ve just come out of a Mercury retrograde in Cancer! You may be feeling the effects of burnout!

There’s no shame in saying “I need some me time...” after all you are only human! With all the wonderful gifts parenting offers you, as well as the admiration you have for your children and the desire to help them feel safe and calm, it is ok for you to take time out for self-love, rejuvenation and self-care. A child’s wellbeing is dependent on many things and two of the most important predictors of this according to American sociologist Christine Carter are:

  1. Children feeling enough love and affection from parents or caregivers.

  2. Parents or caregivers who take enough time out to manage their own stress levels.

Children are wonderful observers and sometimes more in tune than we realise, picking up on our emotions and stress levels. Stress may be a direct result of parenting or other responsibilities that may be affecting you, this background stress does affect our children and the way we may relate to them.

To be the best we can be for our children, to ensure their feelings of safety and calm we can be the role models of optimism, calmness and confident moods by taking time out for ourselves, resetting the system and decluttering brain fog and exhaustion. Take that walk in solitude, have that bath, read that book, get some pampering, call a friend, meditate-even if it is only 5 minutes, but take those 5 minutes and wrap yourself fully in it!

It is ok to feel guilty or selfish, that’s just because you are so caring and nurturing; but just to throw in a little about this Mercury retrograde just past, we are being asked to rethink the way we process our emotions, to become

mindful of what we think we should do versus what we should not do, to pause the judgement and shame and reinvent how we handle these emotions.

When we care so much about our children and want them to develop good self-esteem and positive ways to cope with stress then the best way forward is by being the example, role modelling self-care and remembering that all members of the family deserve to be happy and that means you too mum!

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Love and light!

Antonella and Peter

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