Mums Guide to Embracing August!

Updated: Aug 2

August is jam packed with astrological changes and retrogrades! So don’t blame yourself if you’re feeling like everything is an uphill battle! But it’s not all bad, you can embrace the energy and make the most of it by accepting that you don’t always have to be going at mum life 100% full throttle, you can slow down. 

Let’s take a close look at what Mars is up to this month, this fiery planet with all its heat is slowing down as it’s about to go retrograde in September. The effects this has on us means we may feel a sense of frustration when wanting to take action and be motivated. You may notice yourself struggling to hop out of bed in the morning to get the kids ready for the school run! Patience may be on short supply while parenting if things aren't moving as swiftly as you’d like them. 

To top it up Mars will square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto meaning your enthusiasm and ability to get on with daily tasks will be challenged requiring more of an internal push than normally needed. Then...your son or daughter come home with a school project needing your help and you’re finding it hard to tick things off, everything seems like obstacle after obstacle! Not to mention the news is constantly gracing us with a barrage of bad news and the ongoing pandemic! The sense of powerlessness is real. 

However, there’s always a flip side, we need to remember where there’s yin you’ll always find yang, so we’re very keen on finding the light in the dark so to speak. Everything is about keeping an eye on where opportunity can be found, as we began mentioning above, life does not always need to be about crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, you can ride this wave by going easy on yourself; so what if the to-do list is only half way done? Having takeout one night out of the week because you're tired won’t kill you or your family. Being human means sometimes we experience tiredness, impatience and challenges and that’s ok, it’s all about how we handle it. 

Take mid August as your opportunity to make a positive change to your routine. Uranus is retrograde during this time making it perfect for you to use its energy to shift your routine around and smooth out any kinks that may not be working for you. How can we reduce frustration with all that’s going on? The key here is planning, take the time to plan out what you’d best spend your time and energy on, there’s no need to overload yourself this month with so many tasks or take on any new projects, why not focus on one or two tasks which matter the most such as assisting your son or daughter with their project or focusing on quality playtime with the kids or even taking some much needed time out for yourself and leaving the big spring clean you’ve been planning till next month! 

Mindset will play a crucial role this month, get some me time in so that any obstacles, frustration or challenges don’t get the better of you or cloud your thoughts. See yourself as having the power to be in control, you are on top of it, it certainly is not on top of you, build that personal power from within and give yourself enough leeway to have downtime and make allowances for projects or tasks that may lag or take longer than you anticipated. Keep in mind that we’re all in the same boat and navigating the same waters so reach out to a friend or family member if you need to talk and stay connected. 

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