Vitamin D

Has lockdown got your pain levels going crazy? Have you noticed any chronic pain sneaking back up since staying home and indoors? During these stressful times you may be forgetting to practice self-care and starting to become unwell with higher pain levels. Taking time to nurture and love ourselves can seem like the last thing we want to do. Here is a tip to help with higher pain levels... Did you know a study conducted 2009 concluded that people with a vitamin D deficiency required twice the amount of pain medication as those with normal levels.Sunlight being the most natural form of vitamin D is an inexpensive and efficient way to top up on this oh so useful vitamin. Did you say you needed an excuse to relax and get some sun? Well this is the perfect solution, provided of course that you practice sun safety! Only a few minutes outdoors each day will have great healing benefits on your pain levels!

What we recommend:


Book about 10 minutes with yourself each day to go outdoors. Choose Choose how you would like to spend your time outside, a short walk, reading a book, meditating, hey why not call a friend?


Connect for a few moments with the healing effects of the sun on your soul, on your body and on your mind.


Allow the sun's vitality to be absorbed into your skin while it illuminates your body’s healing potential.


Trust in your body’s natural healing wisdom, it knows the best way to heal and will guide you on this journey.

Listen Listen to your inner voice and allow it to lead you down the best path for you.

Of course you can also choose to take vitamin D supplements, provided this is the right way for you. If a vitamin D supplement is the way you choose to go just ensure they have a high-quality and plant-based origin.

When you want to heal from pain choosing to look at your body as a whole is very important, you cannot build a healthy foundation to your wellness without addressing all parts of your being!

Let us know how you spent some time in the sun today and leave us a comment below!

From the bottom of our hearts we truly wish you well and we hope you are staying safe and well connected!

Peter and Antonella

The Mindful Place

Reference: Virtue, D. and Reeves, R. (2014).Living pain-free : natural and spiritual solutions to eliminate physical pain. Carlsbad, California: Hay House, Inc.