Your Emotional Health and your Moon Sign

In our last post we spoke about the significance of the Sun Sign and how we can use it to help us live life a little more. Now let's look into the other important luminary (in Astrology the sun and moon are called The Luminaries) the Moon sign. Our Moon sign is the receptive side of us symbolising our ability to nurture ourselves and others, representing our emotional nature and our emotional responses to life.

The Moon impacts us on a number of levels even physiologically - which is our overall body function. Think of a time you felt hungry, cold or tired and when these demands (needs in this case) were not met you may have become irritable, angry and down right emotional. As you can see these particular needs require regular up keeping mirroring the moon's orbit around the earth which is very fast (approx 1 degree every hour). Thus we need to ensure that we are norushing ourselves on all levels through our mind, body, and spirit.

The Moon and Our Body

The moon affects the oceans, the rise of and fall of tides and the movement of water. The same influence is always taking place in our body according to the current moon phase. Such processes include:

  • Our body cycles

  • Fluids and fluid movement (fluids, water movement in cells...etc)

  • The unconscious mind (this includes our habits...etc)

  • The limbic system (part of the brain responsible for...emotions)

  • The menstrual cycle, fertility and pregnancy.

You might be asking how do we take care of all these body functions? The answer is quite simple- we become mindful of the way we think, feel and act. When we do this, especially with our emotions everything in the body will be in sync. Think about it, when you are in a negative emotional state your body releases cortisol which creates all sorts of changes in the body due to the fight or flight response. If we repeat the same emotions and stress, they become habits, programmed into our subconscious which leads us to feel a certain way without even noticing it. Consequently this affects everything else in our body creating much more havoc we do not need.

To prevent this, we need to be mindful of negative emotions and replace them with positive ones such as gradititue, joy, love and so on. If we do this regularly our stress levels reduce and our bodies will function normally. To ensure this works, we need to create good habits that have positive emotions.

Our Moon sign in our birth chart can help us deal with our emotions so that we can avoid or navigate past negative states and bring out more of the positive experiences we all crave.

Using Astrology to live more happily and healthily

Our moon sign is the signature of our emotional temperament and is a great place to start understanding the way we feel. Just like our sun-sign, our moon sign works in the same way except they are our needs. For example, if you have a Taurus Moon sign your emotional temperament will revolve around pleasure and comfort. Therefore to feel happy, safe and secure you need to make sure that pleasure or comfort is sufficient enough in your own life. If this need is not present, your needs are not being met and you are likely to have negative emotions creating further problems as previously discussed.

Calculating your moon sign...

Step 1- You will need your birth time, location and date of birth. Please ensure the accuracy of your birth time is as precise as possible as the moon moves approximately 1 degree every hour.

Step 2- Calculate your birth chart using astrodienst (Click Here) and enter in the details from step 1. Use the diagram below to recognise your Moon Sign by finding your moon (in the red circle) within the boundary. In this case, the Moon Sign is Taurus.

Figure 1

Step 3- Look up the meaning of your Moon sign below:

Figure 2, below briefly describes the needs of each sign and are a good starting point. If you wish to know more, you can use the normal Sun sign interpretations except interpret the meaning as a need instead of a personality.

Figure 2

Keep in mind - This is only a brief guide to understanding and tuning into your Moon sign. Other factors such as house placement, aspects and so on come into play and can modify how your moon sign plays out. The house placement describes the area of life your needs are met - for example if your moon is in the 10th house, your career or reputation is linked to the way you handle situations and emotions. What this means is if you are happy or in tune with your reputation (or career), then your moon sign is in a good position. Another way to put it, is if you are promoted at work and you are recognised for your work your overall well being will be affected positively. Of course other factors will dictate the magnitude of the affect and other consequences.

If you would like to understand your emotional nature in more depth and become in tune with your needs, feel free to book a free 20 minute discovery session at The Mindful Place to see how we can help you achieve this!

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Peter and Antonella


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