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We invite you to join our boutique holistic meditation sessions with a group of like-minded people who are working towards a common goal of personal wellness and wholeness.


Our integrated approach means we aim to provide you with meditation as a tool for your journey to repairing and maintaining your health and wellbeing. Our sessions are designed to be relaxed, interactive and informal to create a mutually supportive environment where you feel encouraged to open up, share and realise you are not alone in your experience. 

Our unique approach means many different techniques are taught, some more spiritual in nature and others mainly concerned with stress management and relaxation. We go a step further by infusing self-care techniques adapted from kinesiology and chair yoga that encourages you to create a deeper intuitive connection to your own energy.

If you would like to join our community, create a deeper connection to yourself and learn effective ways to relax, book your first holistic meditation session today!

Private Meditation Sessions

Private Meditation sessions that are focused on you.
Tailored exlusively to your needs to help you relax and release specific areas of stress affecting you.
Our aim is to build a mutually supportive and caring relationship with all our clients, the more we get to know you the better we can help!

Who benefits from private meditation sessions?

Private meditation sessions are beneficial to anyone who is looking for a quiet, personalised and sacred space to relax and unwind. 


 If you are experiencing issues relating to high blood pressure, chronic pain, anxiety or health conditions arising from higher stress levels, a personally tailored meditation session will help you to release stress and learn new ways to relax. Private meditation sessions are useful in aiding pain management, relief from chronic fatigue and many other health conditions. 

Private meditation Fee:

First session (1hr) - Free

1hr - $50 AUD

30 min - $30 AUD

We are in this together,

please enjoy a 20% discount on all our services to assist in adjusting to the new economic climate.

Boutique meditation sessions with no more than four meditators at one time

Nestled away in a residential property overlooking a private garden

Light refreshments and beverages provided after sessions


Why are your holistic meditation sessions limited to four people at one time? 

We believe in fostering a peaceful and intimate environment designed to allow greater connection to your mind, body and spirit. It is very important to us to create close relationships with each and every client who visits The Mindful Place. We feel smaller group sessions allow greater connection and awareness to community which can encourage your spiritual growth and clear negative emotional patterns often becoming the catalyst to make positive changes in many areas of your life. 

What makes your holistic meditation sessions unique?

When you choose to join a Mindful Place holistic meditation you are participating in a session led by a certificate course practitioner. Our holistic meditations are designed to provide you with meditation as a tool for repairing and maintaining a healthy life. Due to the nature of our boutique class sizes each meditation student experiences an intimate and relaxing environment with greater capacity for one on one teacher and student interaction. One of our core beliefs at The Mindful Place is that combining western techniques with eastern philosophies creates the path to wellness. A variety of meditation, relaxation and self-care techniques from both western and eastern teachings are incorporated to create a holistic approach to our meditation sessions.   

Is meditation evidence based?


Meditation/Affirmations: Dr Herbert Benson, MD an American cardiologist and the founder of the Mind/body medical Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, is a pioneer in mind/body medicine who has had a long career in the research of meditation and what is known as the relaxation response. Dr Benson proved through his studies that meditation counteracts the effects of stress and has demonstrated along with many other researchers that meditation creates the opposite response of stress in the body, this is known as a relaxation response returning the body to homeostasis.


The Australian Medical Association and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners have recognised the role of meditation in the treatment and prevention of disease. Many researchers including Dr Bruce Lipton have studied the extensive power affirmative words have on a person's subconscious mind and to a further extent the effect influential words have on the molecular structure of water through the work of Masaru Emoto.

What does a typical holistic meditation session at The Mindful Place involve?

We like to keep our holistic meditation sessions dynamic and adaptable meaning that no two sessions are ever the same. We allow for a natural flow of energy in each session with time for discussion and connection to each other. The routine schedule generally involves:

  • Arriving 5-10 minutes prior to a session commencing

  • Taking shoes off at door

  • Settling in, laying down mat, cushion and blanket. 

  • Initial welcoming and orientation 

  • Holistic meditation content

  • Wind down and group discussion 

  • Light refreshments and beverages. 

What kinds of meditation and relaxation techniques can I expect in a session?

As mentioned above we like to keep our holistic meditation sessions dynamic and adaptable meaning that no two sessions are ever the same. Different techniques and styles of meditation and relaxation will be explored depending on the session you wish to attend. Listed below are general techniques and styles of meditation, relaxation and self-care you may experience in a session.

Meditation examples include:

  • Basic breathing techniques

  • Meditation for muscle relaxation 

  • Guided visualisation meditation

  • Affirmations in Meditation 

  • Zen Meditation 

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Movement meditation 

  • Mantra meditation 

  • Concentrative meditation

  • Chakra Meditation

  • Sound meditation 

Self-Care techniques include:

  • Meridian* massage 

  • Meridian flushing and/or tracing 

  • Emotional stress release techniques

  • Using colour cards to relax 

  • Using chakra cards to tune into chakras

  • Writing goals and affirmations 

  • Using essential oils to relax

  • Using astrology to understand individual relaxation needs

  • And much more

*Meridians are pathways as used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that carry energy also known as Chi throughout the body.  


​We encourage you to learn how to meditate in ways that suit your individual needs so you can introduce the practice with regularity into your routine. Over time you will experience stress management, relaxation, clarity, mental focus, increased awareness and a sense of peace. A natural, drug free and self-empowered solution to greatly improve and maintain mental, physical and emotional health.

What do you mean by an integrated approach? 

A variety of meditation, relaxation and self-care techniques from both western and eastern teachings are incorporated to create a holistic approach to our meditation sessions. Integrated simply means that we combine the various modalities offered at the Mindful Place to create a holistic meditation session. Our services include, holistic counselling, kinesiology, astrology and meditation, we believe all our services are of benefit in their own way and when integrated together creates a holistic meditation session designed for people working towards a common goal of personal wellness and wholeness. 

Are your holistic meditations based on any religion? 

No. At The Mindful Place we are industry accredited and provide our clients with a grounded, non-sectarian and professional experience. Our approach is evidence based with reference to scientific research, incorporating a variety of techniques and styles.

For some people, Meditation is primarily a spiritual practice, or it may be closely tied to the practice of a religion such as Hinduism or Buddhism. Meditation is a fundamental practice in most eastern religions, used for contacting ‘God’ or your Higher Self. The Christian religion touches upon Meditation with Biblical statements such as “The kingdom of heaven is within you”.


“If prayer is talking to God, Meditation is listening to God” - Anon


On the other hand, Meditation is also used in the business, medical and sporting worlds, for stress management, to develop positive  mindsets and as a relaxation technique. Meditation involves contacting that place within you that is calm, peaceful and rejuvenating.

Depending on your own beliefs, the type or structure you choose for your Meditation and the style of Meditation you choose, you can be in touch with the following:


• Your inner child

• Your higher self

• Your soul

• God

• The spirit world

• Differing brain wave activity

• The silence within you


Almost everyone has already meditated in one form or another. Every time you wash the dishes and are off dreaming and unaware of your surroundings you are in a meditative state. The same applies to when you are driving your car on autopilot and arrive at your destination without really remembering how you got there; you were in a type of meditative state.

When should I arrive for a session?

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your chosen holistic meditation session, it is important that you arrive in a calm frame of mind. We ask that you do arrive 5-10min prior to the session to allow time for settling in and for a punctual commencement.  

Do I need to bring my own mat and blanket?

No. All mats, cushions and blankets are provided by The Mindful Place, however you are welcome to bring your own items if that adds to your comfort. 

What light refreshments and beverages do you provide after sessions?

Light refreshments and beverages change regularly, these may include, fruits, vegetable sticks, nuts, biscuits, black tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea and fruit water. Please advise The Mindful Place if you have any dietary requirements or allergies. 

How do I find the meditation room?

The Mindful Place is located in a residential property, upon entering the front gate you will see a sign directing you to the right side of the house. 

How do I get to The Mindful Place?

The Mindful Place is located in the inner west of Sydney in Ashfield, the address is emailed directly to clients upon booking. The nearest train stations are Ashfield and Summer Hill station as well as many bus routes nearby. 

Is there parking nearby?

Street parking is available.

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