The Mindful Place offers Holistic Counselling services while integrating a number of effective modalities and techniques to provide a grounded, non-sectartian and proffessional experience to our clients.   

We can assist you in the following areas: 

Stress management

Meaning and Purpose

Career Direction 


Meditation/ Mindfulness/ Relaxation techniques

Connection to Self 


Pursit of happiness 

Metaphysical Body Evaluation  

Codependency and low self-esteem 

Anxiety and depression 

Chronic pain 

Lack of motivation and drive

Initial Consultation

90 Min - $150

Follow Up Consultation

60 Min - $120

Please contact us on 0492 228 671 now for further details regarding our services. 

Our Approach

Here at the Mindful Place we value connection between mind, body and spirit and understand the dynamic nature of healing. With this in mind Peter and Antonella will often combine their knowledge and skills by working together to provide you with the best treatment for your needs.

Areas of Expertise

Holistic Counselling

To consider you as a whole person through mind, body and spirit means that we treat you holistically. Our holistic counselling goals here at the Mindful Place are to assist you in bringing balance back into your whole life, to become less affected by stress and to ensure that you are in touch with your personal needs on a holistic level. 


With a focus on mindfulness we aim to educate and promote self-responsibility by recognising, valuing and building on your individuality to gain a clearer understanding of your personal situations and to develop strategies for making positive and self-governed changes in your life. 


We aim to provide you with meditation as a tool for your journey to repairing and maintaining your health and wellbeing. Designed to be relaxed, interactive and informal we create a mutually supportive environment where you feel encouraged to open up, share and realise you are not alone in your experience. Our unique approach means many different techniques are taught, some more spiritual in nature and others mainly concerned with stress management and relaxation.


Synthesising western techniques and eastern philosophies by the use of gentle muscle testing kinesiology explores health and wellness within a paradigm called the “Triangle of Health” consisting of three elements: physical, psychological/emotional and biochemical.

Kinesiology holistic and non-diagnostic in its nature encourages you to look at your inner self and become aware of your symptoms regardless of how subtle they may be, strengthening your ability to trust and become aware of your intuition. 



"I had been struggling with stress and chronic neck pain. Antonella created the perfect atmosphere for our extensive kinesiology session. I learnt how to relax and manage my pain, discovered some cleansing teas, and left with a smile on my face. I will definetly be coming back."