"I first discovered Antonella through Instagram because I instantly loved the feeling of authenticity, heartfelt care and dedication to connection that The Mindful Place cultivated through their messages on social media. When I was blessed to meet her in person for a kinesiology session, it was so evident she is an enormously gifted practitioner who imparts her knowledge and expertise with care, encouragement, warmth and intuition – a natural healer. Undoubtedly, that initial session and my ongoing visits awakened shifts in my physical and energetic body that I am sure would have been difficult, if not impossible for me to access before, or through other modalities. Not only did Antonella assist me with a severe hip pain I had been unable to resolve, she also brought me to a grounding, centring and self-empowerment I could take away into my every-day life. I cannot recommend The Mindful Place highly or heartily enough and I believe in their potential for each of us through their multi-faceted mindfulness and healing offerings."


"Peter, I really found the reading insightful and helpful! Particularly with regard to future direction with my career and how to proceed forward with my relationship. You were able to pick up on some important things and I'm grateful for it! You have a great talent and I would highly recommend the Mindful Place to anyone seeking kind guidance and spirituality.

Lots of love and blessings to you guys!"


"I had been struggling with stress and chronic neck pain. Antonella created the perfect atmosphere for our extensive kinesiology session. I learnt how to relax and manage my pain, discovered some cleansing teas, and left with a smile on my face. I will definitely be coming back."


"I was encouraged by my doctor to find healthy ways to relax and manage my stress levels which were directly affecting my high blood pressure. I connected with Antonella who worked very closely with me to reduce my stress levels, I always felt cared for with empathy and patience. I am happy to report my blood pressure is now under control and I have learnt healthy ways to manage stress as it arises.